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Hello! I’m Tim, a game developer who work with Unity since 2018 and have little windows and web developer experience before. I’m working on a regular developer job during day, on my own projects during night and jam on weekends from time to time. I consider myself as a gameplay programmer, but actually I can work on any part of the game, even art and music.

In general, I’m into technology, games(both digital and tabletop) and music.

In computing, I’m into game development, performance optimizations, tools/plugins writing and software architecture.

Unity games: Zoo keeper

Unity games made in 1-3 days for gamejams: Murdertrain, Murderhouse, BloodVirus, Cave, Flixter, HentaiTyper, Mage arena, Hoverboard, Santa Idea, Niwa Yume Ga Aru, Space fighter trainer, This is MutAAAnt, Cyberloop, Fantasy Hotline, Tree of eternity, Animal Shelter: Lost & Found

Unity games made in 3 hours for TriJam: 13 legs, Double sided, Endless cut, Cells hive mind, Let it grow, This world definitely need a hero but you are just a spear!, I’m sorry i’m late. May i come in?, Keep your rock distance

Games that I made on work: Runefall 2, Runefall, Matchventures f2p, Words Up, Word Paradise, Mahjong Blast, Galactic Glitch

C#/WPF Games: TownsNWarriors, ProveAA, Multiplayer shooter, Impalers, S.P.A.C.E., inc.

My own Unity assets: Screen Shooter(Asset store | OpenUPM | GitHub), Build Manager(Asset store | OpenUPM | GitHub), Unity Game Template(GitHub), CustomToolbar(Asset store | OpenUPM | GitHub), Unity3D save AudioClip to MP3(Asset store | GitHub)

Unity assets that I supported: ProjectWindowDetails, Unity3D Rainbow Folders, Editor Spotlight, Selection History Window, Node Based Dialogue System, Git Package Updater, SteamVR Plugin

Other: Website, Works

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